Toby Doeden

A proud, conservative, hardworking South Dakotan

Meet Toby

Toby is a self-made, successful South Dakota businessman, developer, and philanthropist. He’s a husband and father to four adult children and an active member of the Aberdeen community.

At a young age, Toby learned the value of hard work and overcoming barriers. His humble beginnings instilled in him strong family values, unwavering resolve, and conservative ideals. As a strong conservative fighter, Toby agrees with former President Trump’s America first policies.

With Biden and his liberal posse – not to mention the liberals in republican clothing – destroying everything good in our country, it’s time to push back, and the time is now. South Dakota families deserve someone they can trust to go to Washington. Someone who doesn’t need this job. Someone who cannot be bought. Someone who will fight for YOU.

Why Am I Doing This?

“I can no longer stand by and watch what career politicians are doing to this country – putting other countries first, wasting tax dollars, devaluing our currency, leaving our borders open, and infringing on our property rights. Enough is enough. It’s time for a change.”

“South Dakotans deserve to have people who will fight for the many forgotten South Dakotans. It’s only common sense to support a border wall, put more of our hard-earned income back in our wallets, and tell the Feds to go ‘pound sand’ if they even think about stepping foot on our property.”

Conservative Roots You Can Trust

Born and raised in South Dakota, Toby is a self-made man with humble roots. His grandparents on both sides were farmers and worked hard for everything they had. At a young age, Toby’s father worked at a lumberyard, but became disabled. His father was unable to ever work again, leaving his family to live off disability checks and his mother to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. These life circumstances shaped Toby into the man he is today. Being the youngest of his siblings, Toby learned to be self-sufficient and independent early on in his life – building strong character, resolve, and hard work ethic.

A Family Man You Can Count On

Toby excelled in athletics in high school and was offered football scholarships to various colleges. After a short stint at two different universities, Toby knew higher education wasn’t for him. Instead, he prioritized getting married and starting a family. He married his bride Liz Doeden when she was 19 and he was 21. In less than six years, they had four beautiful children, Jackson, Josie, Jennie, and Jonathan.

Toby’s wife and four adult children help run the family business and foundation, and reside in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

A Servant Leader Who Gives Back

Toby is an active member in the Aberdeen community. From a very young age, Toby promised himself that if he was ever fortunate enough to be in a position to help others, he would. Out of a heart to give back, Toby founded the 4J Foundation to assist those in need. Through this Foundation, Toby gives to over 100 charitable causes in Aberdeen and surrounding areas. Toby believes in giving people a hand up, not a handout. He is passionate about mentoring talented individuals – helping them achieve their goals and pushing them to reach their God-given potential.

Hard Work Ethic that Builds Success

He painted houses, sold satellite dishes, cashiered at a gas station, and other odd jobs to support his family. He eventually began working for Aberdeen Chrysler and quickly excelled in the car industry. Hard work, determination, and results brought him from selling cars to buying the dealership and becoming the sole owner. Today, Toby successfully runs a number of businesses through Doeden Investment Group in Aberdeen, where he continues to build and invest in the Aberdeen community.

Toby’s wife and four adult children help run the family business and foundation, and reside in Aberdeen, South Dakota.